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New Options for Affordable Health Insurance
Eye Examinations                                                  You Pay:
  Complete Examination  15% off Usual and Customary or $5 off retail cost

  Refraction Only (when examination is
   covered by
 your health plan)

  Contact Lens Examination  15% off Usual and Customary or $10 off retail cost
  Priced up to $70 retail
  Priced above $70 retail  $40, plus 10% off the amount over $70
Lenses (Uncoated plastic)*
  Single Vision  $35
  Bifocal  $55
  Trifocal  $65
  Lenticular  $110
Lens Options
(Add to lens prices above)*
  Standard Progressive  $60 - $75**
  Premium Progressive  $110 - $125**
  Glass Lenses  $18
  Polycarbonate Lenses  $30
  Scratch-Resistant Coating  $15
  ARC (anti-reflective coating)  $45
  Ultraviolet (UV) Coating  $15
  Solid Tint   $10
  Gradient Tint  $12
  Photochromic Lenses  $35
  Plastic Photosensitive Lenses  $65


Contact Lenses

  Conventional   20% off Usual and Customary
  Disposable/Planned Replacement   10% off Usual and Customary

  Lens 1-2-3® Contact Lens

  Replacement Program***

 Up to 60% off Retail Prices
Other Products
  Laser Vision Care Services 25% off Usual and Customary**** 
  Non-prescription Sunglasses 20% off Usual and Customary
  Other Ancillary Products/Solutions     10% off Usual and Customary
*    Special lens designs, materials, powers and frames may require additional cost.
**   Pricing depends on the retail location selected.
***  Not all states require contact lens prescription release.
****Or receive an additional 5% discount on any advertised specials -- whichever is lower. 
     Please note that some providers have flat fees that are equivalent to these discounts.