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Do you have trouble hearing?

About 38 million Americans have hearing loss, including one in three people older than 60 and one in six people ages 41 to 59.  Most hearing loss comes as we age or from exposure to very loud noises, but it can also come from impacted earwax, infections, and other medical problems.


As a Blue Cross of Idaho member, you and your extended family can save hundreds on the newest hearing aids.  The average customer saves $890 per hearing aid through the TruHearing® MemberPlus® program.


Quality and Choice

TruHearing offers over 90 new hearing aid models with the latest technology from five of the world's leading manufacturers (more than 400 styles to choose from).  Many top models are available as TruHearing private label products, saving you even more.


Personalized Service

Getting great savings doesn't mean you have to sacrifice personal service.  TruHearing will answer your questions, enroll you in MemberPlus, and schedule your first appointment with a professional hearing care provider near you.  To ensure your satisfaction, TruHearing also offers you the following with each hearing aid purchase:

  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year manufacturer's repair warranty
  • 3-year manufacturer's coverage for one-time loss & damage
  • 48 batteries per hearing aid
  • High-quality, professional care near you 

MemberPlus Examples of Savings

(See full list of products and savings at


PRODUCT NAME (all pricing is per aid)
Average Retail Price
TruHearing Price
Starkey 3 Series i30 $1,810 $895 $915
Phonak Audeo Q70 $2,500 $1.550 $950
ReSound Alera 5 $1,860 $895 $965
Widex Dream 440 Fusion $3,210 $2,050 $1,160
Oticon Ria Pro $2,250 $1,195 $1,055
TruHearing Verso 7 $2,410 $1,250 $1,160


For more information and to schedule an appointment, call TruHearing Customer Care today at 800-530-3974.  To ensure MemberPlus savings, all appointments must be scheduled through TruHearing.


Blue Extras! is a value-added program and not connected to your benefit plan.  TruHearing is an independent company and Blue Cross of Idaho is not responsible for its services or products.