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Complex Care Management

What is Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management?

Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management supports the Blue Cross philosophy that medical conditions often yield better overall health outcomes when traditional treatment is supported by case management services.

Through this program, clinically trained Blue Cross case managers provide supplemental education and telephone coaching services to help members’ self−manage their condition on a day−to−day basis. Members who are identified as potentially high risk are eligible for the enhanced support offered by these programs.

Provider Responsibility:

Familiarize yourself with the program through the provider newsletter and other communications you receive from Blue Cross of Idaho.

Encourage program−eligible members in treatment with you to take advantage of Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management

Contact Blue Cross of Idaho if you have questions about the program or if you have know of a Blue Cross of Idaho member you believe could benefit from the Complex Care Management program.

Blue Cross of Idaho’s Responsibility:

Notify providers when a member in their care is enrolled in a Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management program

Educate providers with members enrolled in Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management programs on the requirements of the program, including:

  • How the program works
  • How to access services
  • Hours of operation
  • Blue Cross of Idaho-Complex Care Management staff qualifications and contact information
  • Information on how to provide feedback about the program
  • How Blue Cross of Idaho provides feedback to you regarding members in your care

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