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Code of Ethical Business Conduct

The Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc.’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct (Code) is a resource prepared to provide directors, officers, and employees and others who conduct business with the Company a formal statement of our commitment to the standards and rules of ethical business conduct.

It demonstrates that we have adopted an effective compliance and ethics program designed to promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law. The Code includes a primary Principle – Business Ethics – and six accompanying principles including:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Business Relationships
  • Protection of Assets
  • Confidentiality
  • Governmental Investigations

Questions regarding the Code or the Blue Cross of Idaho Compliance Program may be directed to the Corporate Compliance Officer by any of the following avenues of communication:

Corporate Compliance Hotline

(888) 258-3543


(208) 331-7424

Corporate Compliance Officer email

Corporate Compliance Officer mailing address

P.O. Box 7408
Boise, ID 83707

You may download a summary of the Blue Cross of Idaho Code of Ethical Business Conduct in PDF format using the link below.

Blue Cross of Idaho Code of Ethical Business Conduct (PDF 170K)pdf download

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