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Blue Cross of Idaho 834 Companion Guide - This guide has been created for our trading partners to use in conjunction with the ANSI ASC X12N National Implementation Guide. This companion guide outlines the procedures for engaging in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Blue Cross of Idaho and provides payer-specific data clarification where applicable.

Secure File Transfers - Blue Cross of Idaho uses sFTP/MoveIT to exchange files securely with our partners.

INBOUND Blue Cross of Idaho Proprietary Eligibility Format - This format is used by Groups and Vendors to send eligibility to Blue Cross of Idaho.

  • This PDF Guide should be used for on-going weekly files if an 834 cannot be produced. It contains definitions of the fields, lenths and requirements as well as naming conventions
  • This Excel template is an aid in creating one-time eligibility loads
  • OUTBOUND Blue Cross of Idaho Proprietary Eligibility Format - This format is used by Blue Cross of Idaho to send eligibility information out to our partners.

    Blue Cross of Idaho Electronic Eligibility Guidelines - These guidelines help set the base expectations between Blue Cross of Idaho and trading partners when setting up electronic eligibility.

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