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Healthcare Reform

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Members & Individuals

The goal of healthcare reform is to make healthcare more affordable to all Americans, but to do so, requires sweeping changes. Review this list of FAQs to learn what you should expect in the near future and over the course of the next few years.


As Blue Cross of Idaho's representatives in the field, we know you need the most updated healthcare reform information possible so you can help your customers understand what changes they should expect. The following FAQs are a glimpse of how we expect healthcare reform to affect your operation.


One way to make healthcare more affordable is to enlist the help of doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and specialists. These FAQs explain what healthcare reform measures impact the healthcare-service industry.


Many of the new rules and regulations aim to improve options for individuals receiving health insurance through their workplace. Here are some FAQs on how healthcare reform affects employer-sponsored health plans now and in the near future.


Healthcare reform legislation has a bearing on Medicare subscribers. Read this page of FAQs for information on what role healthcare reform will have on Medicare and what the changes mean to your coverage.

Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010 marked the beginning of healthcare reform, an historic occasion for our country with implications for nearly every American.

This monumental legislation will fundamentally change how health care is financed, delivered and regulated for years to come; and Blue Cross of Idaho is committed to working with our members, area providers and brokers to implement this new law.

As you navigate this website, please view the healthcare reform implementation timeline and read frequently asked questions to learn more about how healthcare reform may affect you.