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Customer Service

Our customer advocates are available every day of the year, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you have a question give us a call at 1-888-494-2583 or TTY 1-800-377-1363 for the hearing impaired.

Self Service 24-7 Support
Get the information you need from a variety of resources. Some are available 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.

Send us an email at
We will respond the next day, if not sooner.

Interactive voice response
Call us at 1-888-494-2583 after hours.
Leave a message, we will call you back the next day.
Follow simple prompts for automated prior authorizations
or to check the status of a claim.
Log in to review claims and check prior authorization status. Access valuable heath information resources, find a pharmacy in your area or view drug list information.

Still have questions, give us a call!
1-888-494-2583 or TTY 1-800-377-1363 for the hearing impaired

Call us to determine if a service is covered – this is called an organizational determination or a pharmacy exception. If you need a fast decision, we can help there too.

If we have not covered a service claim the way you think we should, you can ask us to reconsider the decision. This is called an appeal. We can help with your appeal by reviewing the situation and even obtain an independent review for you.

If you have a problem with how a service was provided, let us know. This is called a grievance. We will research the situation to see how it can be resolved.

Generally, we respond to your questions and issues the same day. Sometimes we must obtain medical records or do research. In these cases, we are still required to respond to you no later than the timeframes outlined below:


Standard Response

Expedited Response

Pharmacy organizational determinations

Within 72 hours

Within 24 hours

Pharmacy claims payment appeals

Within 7 days

Within 72 hours

Medical organizational determinations



Pre-service (Authorization)

Within 14 days

Within 72 hours

Post service (Claim)

Within 60 days


Grievances and other complaints

Within 30 days


Y0010_MK 13121 Approved 12-31-2012
Last updated 11-14-2012